Officers & Directors

Commodore: Roger W. Fortier, Jr.
Vice-Commodore: Kenneth D. van Colen
Rear Commodore: Blair W. Tracy
Secretary: David E. Adelberg, M.D.
Treasurer: Stephen P. Vescio


Board of Directors


Mary Ellen A. DeFrias
Elizabeth B. Herlihy
Geoffrey Marshall
Victor Pinheiro
Kelly J. Wilbur


G. Bourne Knowles III
Scott H. Lindblom
Betts Howes Murray
Erica Murray
Benjamin W. Sperry


Paul Adam
Ike Babbitt
Louis A. Branco
Charles J. Resevick
Kinder Woodcock

Past Commodores

1983-1984: Robert A. MacGregor
1989-1990: Thomas K. Flynn
1991-1992: Richard W. Purdy
1995-1996: Arthur D. Burke, M.D.
1997-1998: Edward G. Siegal
1999-2000: Warren G. Hathaway
2001-2002: Peter T. Kavanaugh
2003-2004: John I. Babbitt, Jr.
2005-2006: Peter S. Hughes
2007-2008: Irving W. Dingwell
2009-2010: Charles A. Murray, III
2011-2012: Ricardo J. Bermudez
2013-2014: Roy H. Tangen
2015-2016: Joseph J. Nauman
2017-2018: Donald C. Watson

Membership Committee

The Membership Committee reviews all applications for membership and the qualifications of all persons proposed for membership. It makes recommendations to the Executive Committee for submission to the Board for approval. It makes recommendations in the same manner concerning membership policy and procedure.

Blair W. Tracy -  Rear Commodore and Chairperson