Whalers Race

June 23, 2018

Attention all distance sailors, and those who have always wanted to do a distance race.  It has been decided that the 2017 Whalers Race will be held on June 23 - 24 2018, one of the longest weekends of the year.  So if the thought of Racing in September, when it is dark at 4 pm, did not appeal to you, come check out the race this year.  The Race Committee is working hard on the NOR now, but I can tell you that there will be both the long and short courses again this year.  Stay tuned for more details, and be sure to put this exciting event on the calendar.  Just because there is snow outside does not mean that you can’t start recruiting crew!

The traditional 105 nautical mile Category III New Bedford Yacht Club Whalers Race dates back to 1932.

Long course: The race starts and finishes at Padanaram and includes marks at Cuttyhunk, Noman’s, Block Island and the Buzzards Bay Tower. All points of sailing are involved. With the 1100 hour start, this can be a one (1) day event.

Short CourseIn order to qualify for the short course, boats must have a rating of 100 or higher.

New Bedford Yacht Club’s hospitality and the challenging and interesting course make this a very enjoyable event.

2018 Results

2018 Notice of Race
2018 Entry Form

Perpetual Trophies

Frank Vining Smith Trophy – Spinnaker Class

2009 Kinship - J. Thomas Selldorff

2010 Shindig - Arthur D. Burke, M.D.

2011 Shindig - Arthur D. Burke, M.D.

2012 Kinship - J.Thomas Selldorff

2013 Shindig - Arthur D. Burke, M.D.

2014 Crazy Horse - Kevin McLaughlin

2015 Gentian - Benjamin Sperry

2016 Gentian - Benjamin Sperry

R. Eugene Ashley Memorial Trophy – Non Spinnaker Class

2009 Calusa - Peter Holmes

2010 Not Awarded

2011 Kinsale - Alan Eddy

2012 Simpatico - William Riley

2013 Not awarded

2014 Not awarded

2015 Il Cattivo - Pat Cerundolo

2016 Maravilha - Victor Pinheiro

Narada Perpetual Challenge Cup – Doublehanded Class

2009 Not Awarded

2010  Spinnaker - Sundance Albert Signorella, M.D.

2011 Spinnaker - Sundance - Albert Signorella, M.D.

Non Spinnaker - Whistler - Fred Schmid

2012 Spinnaker - Yaquinha - Charles Samuelson

2013 Spinnaker - Gryphon Solo 2 Joe Harris

2014 Not awarded

2015 Not awarded

2016 Not Awarded

Multihull Class

2009 Swamp Fox - Donald C. Watson

2010 Swamp Fox - Donald C. Watson

2011 Swamp Fox - Donald C. Watson

2012 Swamp Fox - Donald C. Watson

2013 Not awarded

2014 Not awarded

2015 Not Awarded

2016 Swamp Fox - Donald C. Watson