• Sunset Series
  • Frostbiting
    • Every Saturday in April

      April 6 - 27, 2019

      (More Information Coming Soon!)

      Meet On The Deck At 10:00am

      Start Time: 11:00am
      Bring family and friends!

      All experience levels welcomed!
      Use Club Sonars
      Entry Fee per week: $30.00 per Sonar

      Race Contact: Kenneth van Colen

      Please call the office 508-997-0762 or email: kcvancolen@gmail.com to sign up in advance.

      Last minute racers are always welcome!

  • Tuesday Night Racing
    • One-Design Sonar Racing - Tuesday Nights

      June 18, 2019 - Sonar Rigging and Sailing Clinic

      June 25th - July 23rd - Jib only Sonar Racing

      July 30th - On Water Spinnaker Clinic

      August 6th - 27th - Sonar Racing with Spinnakers

  • Demarest Lloyd Pursuit Race
    • June 1 - 2, 2019

      Click Here to View the 2019 Demarest Lloyd Pursuit Race NOR

      The event will consist of a pursuit race followed by a cruise back to Padanaram on Sunday. Dock space can be reserved for contestants to stay overnight at Menemsha.

      The perpetual trophy in memory of Demarest Lloyd and his son, Demarest Lloyd, Jr. was donated by the Lloyd family in 1950. Both father and son were enthusiastic sailors. Demarest Lloyd successfully campaigned his yawl “Angelica” in the early 1900’s. He repeated this success with his subsequent yacht “Musketeer”, which he raced and cruised until his death in 1937.

      Demarest Lloyd, Jr. began racing “O” boats at age 12. He went on to sail in the S-boat class where his “Arrow” was a well-respected competitor in Buzzards Bay. Shortly after graduating from Harvard College, he joined the navy and served as a fighter pilot with the Pacific fleet. He was killed in action over Guam on June 12, 1944.

      Awarded from 1950 to 1986 to the winner of the NBYC Memorial Day Race, this trophy since then has been awarded to the overall winner of the June “Menemsha” race. 

      This trophy will be awarded at the annual Awards Dinner in October.


      Demarest Lloyd Pursuit Race 2018 (Click for Results)

      Demarest Lloyd Pursuit Race Past Results
      2010 Maravilha – Victor Pinheiro

      2011 Restless – Leslie DeGroot, M.D.

      2012 Shindig – Arthur D. Burke, M.D.

      2013 Goombay – Jib Babbitt

      2014 Restless - Leslie DeGroot, M.D.

      2015 Seefest – Lesley Perry

      2016 Restless - Leslie DeGroot, M.D.

      2017 Gilgamesh - Richard Parker

      2018 Brine - Sarah Babbit

  • Horatio Brewster Pursuit Race
    • June 15, 2019

      Click Here to View the 2019 Horatio Brewster Pursuit Race NOR


      2018 Race Results

      Horatio H. Brewster Memorial Trophy

      The trophy was given by Annette Hollis Brewster, Marion Brewster, Horatio H. Brewster, Jr. and James H. Brewster in 1965 to commemorate Mr. Brewster, Sr.’s great interest in the New Bedford Yacht Club and his love of sailing.

      The large oval silver tray is embellished with the Brewster house flag and the New Bedford Yacht Club burgee. It was amended in 1996 to be awarded to a race held on the New Bedford Yacht Club annual cruise. It was amended in 1998 to be awarded to the overall winner of the Family Regatta.

      Past Winners:

      2010 – Maravilha – Victor C. Pinheiro
      2011 – Maravilha – Victor C. Pinheiro
      2012 – Nike – James P. Medeiros
      2013 – Nike – James P. Medeiros
      2014 – Kinship – Thomas Selldorff
      2015 – Restless – Henry DeGroot, M.D.
      2016 - Restless – Leslie DeGroot, M.D.

  • Ladies at the Helm
  • Whalers Race
    • June 22, 2019

      Click Here to View the 2019 Whaler's Race NOR

      The traditional 105 nautical mile Category III New Bedford Yacht Club Whalers Race dates back to 1932. The race starts and finishes at Padanaram and includes marks at Cuttyhunk, Noman’s, Block Island and the Buzzards Bay Tower. All points of sailing are involved. With the 1100 hour start, this can be a one (1) day event. New Bedford Yacht Club’s hospitality and the challenging and interesting course make this a very enjoyable event.


      2018 Results

      Perpetual Trophies

      Frank Vining Smith Trophy – Spinnaker Class

      2009 Kinship – J. Thomas Selldorff

      2010 Shindig – Arthur D. Burke, M.D.

      2011 Shindig – Arthur D. Burke, M.D.

      2012 Kinship - J.Thomas Selldorff

      2013 Shindig – Arthur D. Burke, M.D.

      2014 Crazy Horse - Kevin McLaughlin

      2015 Gentian – Benjamin Sperry

      2016 Gentian - Benjamin Sperry

      R. Eugene Ashley Memorial Trophy – Non Spinnaker Class

      2009 Calusa – Peter Holmes

      2010 Not Awarded

      2011 Kinsale -Alan Eddy

      2012 Simpatico – William Riley

      2013 Not awarded

      2014 Not awarded

      2015 Il Cattivo – Pat Cerundolo

      2016 Maravilha - Victor Pinheiro

      Narada Perpetual Challenge Cup – Doublehanded Class

      2009 Not Awarded

      2010 Spinnaker - Sundance – Albert Signorella, M.D.

      2011 Spinnaker - Sundance – Albert Signorella, M.D.

      Non Spinnaker - Whistler – Fred Schmid

      2012 Spinnaker – Yaquinha - Charles Samuelson

      2013 Spinnaker – Gryphon Solo 2 – Joe Harris

      2014 Not awarded

      2015 Not awarded

      2016 Not Awarded

      Multihull Class

      2009 Swamp Fox - Donald C. Watson

      2010 Swamp Fox – Donald C. Watson

      2011 Swamp Fox – Donald C. Watson

      2012 Swamp Fox - Donald C. Watson

      2013 Not awarded

      2014 Not awarded

      2015 Not Awarded

      2016 Swamp Fox - Donald C. Watson

  • End of Summer Regatta
    • September 22, 2019

      Click Here to View the 2019 End of Summer Regatta NOR

      Previous Winners

      2013 Spinnaker – Hopituh – Mass Maritime Academy

      Non Spinnaker – Comet – Mass Maritime Academy

      2014 Spinnaker – Waterwolf – Ed Lobo

      Non Spinnaker - Moody Blue - Kenneth van Colen

      2015 Spinnaker – Next – Ryan Walsh

      Non Spinnaker – No Quarter Given – Mark Thornhill

      2016 Spinnaker - Seefest - Ira Perry

      Non Spinnaker - No Quarter Given - Mark Thornhill

  • Family Challenge Regatta

    • New Information Coming Soon!